TechNet Augusta 2021 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

AFCEA has developed an enhanced sponsorship program that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate solutions. Sponsorship opportunities are offered at several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

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Deadline to contract for 2021 Sponsorships is August 4th.

Thought Leadership - Learn from Key Industry Leaders (Organized in alphabetical order)

Accenture - Sponsor

Growing Zero Trust with XDR

With dramatic changes taking place throughout the federal computing environment, security goalposts are shifting. A government-wide move towards more open and cloud-based systems expands the attack surface and explodes the traditional notion of perimeter security. More recent events, such as the shift to work-from-home, the emergence of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and 5G and IPV6 are accelerating this trend. As a result, new cybersecurity risks are emerging as adversaries evolve their approaches to target these growing vulnerabilities.

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BAE Systems - Sponsor

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A Perspective on Integrated Systems Opportunities and Challenges for Multi-Domain Operations

This paper provides a perspective on historical background, innovation and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), data successes and systems challenges, national security interests, and mission opportunities for system problems. AI and ML today are used interchangeably, or together as AI/ML, and are ubiquitous among many industries and applications.

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Envistacom - Meeting Room: Salon F

Protecting the Protectors

The mission of America’s defense industrial base is to equip America’s warfighters with mission-critical technology and solutions necessary to counter existing and emerging threats and protect military personnel, civilians, and vital infrastructure worldwide. That salient mission encompasses everything from Research and Development (R&D), engineering, and solution/product development to support functions such as human resources, training, and Information Technology (IT).

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Juniper - 314

Federal Organizations Need a Mission-First Network

Cyberwarfare has been described as the future of conflict between nations, whether that action is attacking another nation’s critical infrastructure such as the power grid or Internet, using resources to hit military-specific targets such as weapons systems or R&D programs, or stealing classified or top-secret information. Beyond offensive techniques, our nation needs cybersecurity experts to defend against other nations and make sure that critical functions proceed unhindered.

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Netscout - 511

NETSCOUT Omnis Security

Here are some facts. Modern-day enterprise networks are complex as they routinely encompass internal, branch office, virtual, and public cloud environments. The threat surface is expanding, and the number of cyber-attacks is increasing. The number of security tools has increased, giving rise to siloed data. And lastly, the lack of comprehensive and consistent network visibility makes it harder for cybersecurity teams to conduct expedient and effective threat detection and response.

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Northrop Grumman - Meeting Room: Hamilton A

Northrop Grumman Building ‘Justified Confidence’ for Integrated Artificial Intelligence Systems

“Justified confidence” in artificial intelligence is more than just new buzzwords. It’s about developing AI systems that are robust, reliable and accountable, and ensuring these attributes can be verified and validated. The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s (NSCAI) Final Report highlights emerging consensus on the principles for using AI ethically and responsibly for defense and intelligence applications.

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Northrop Grumman - Meeting Room: Hamilton A

Open, Safe and Secure: Building the Next Generation of Digital Avionics

Army aviators must be decisive, ready to leverage an array of advanced capabilities to best succeed in the operating environment. Northrop Grumman’s mission to deliv-er a digital avionics suite that is open, safe and secure ensures pilots will have the equipment necessary to con-tinue thriving well into the future. Built on a modular open systems architecture, Northrop Grumman is delivering a software-defined mission equipment package that allows the Army to rapidly integrate new capabili-ties, reduce training time for operators and realize substantial cost savings for its aircraft.

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Parsons - O4

Operationalizing Information Advantage

Parsons’ suite of holistic training and readiness solutions to Operationalize Information Advantage are focused on delivering commercial best practices to understand and exploit the Information Environment (IE) with advanced tactics, techniques and procedures. Information operations (IO) and cyber-persona effects are only effective if they can achieve overmatch against the IE platforms, user community and our adversaries. Pivots are occurring in the IE – Commercial Platform fraud detection is better; adversaries are increasingly intertwined with global social media platforms and users; deep fake technologies are becoming more and more elaborate and difficult to detect.

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Tyto Athene - 713

Modernize with Internet of Things (IOT)

A military installation in Asia deployed an Internet of Things solution to reduce operating costs and improve how they monitor network systems across the country. The brigade leadership receives real-time status updates on HVAC, electrical power, moisture and physical security/access, which enables the technicians to correct deficiencies before outages occur.

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World Wide Technology - 601

GEMSS: Global Enterprise Modernization Software & Services

The Army’s Cisco Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) contract is an innovative support vehicle that expands the Army access to technical services and enables unlimited software licenses for Cisco routing, switching, and wireless technology.

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Zscaler - L25

DoD Network Security-as-a-Service Transformation

The DoD developed the Joint Information Environment (JIE) framework in December 2012. The goal of JIE was to create a unified way in which the DoD agencies would modernize their information technology networks. This framework helped ensure that agencies and mission partners could share information securely while reducing wasted manpower and continued infrastructure expenditures.

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