Restricted Access Technical Program 

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  Restricted Access Technical Papers

The Military Communications (MILCOM) Conference, co-hosted by AFCEA International and the IEEE Communications Society, is the premier international conference on military communications. MILCOM has become the largest forum featuring leaders from government, military, academia and industry around the world to discuss innovative research and cutting-edge technologies for military applications. The restricted-access technical program provides a venue for research related to U.S. Government programs that is not suited for full public or international release. Attendees of the restricted-access session must have an active U.S. security clearance that can be verified via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Antenna and RF Technology
  • Propagation and Channel Modeling
  • Underwater Communications
  • Tactical, Satellite, Optical, and Airborne Communications Networks
  • System Architecture
  • Anti-Jam Communications
  • LPI/LPD/LPE Communications
  • Survivable Communications and Networks
  • Cyber Operations and Defense
  • Radar System, Detection, and Localization
  • Homeland Security
  • Spectrum Management
  • Autonomous Vehicle Communications
  • System Modeling and Simulations
  • Test Beds, Experiments, Exercises and Demonstration

Restricted Access Technical Papers

Prospective authors should submit original papers to the restricted access technical program by the June 1 deadline.

Papers submitted to the restricted-access program must be approved to have Distribution Statement C (release to U.S. Government and contractors) or Distribution Statement A (full public release). Authors will be asked to verify that they have obtained this approval.

The attendance restrictions make this portion of the program appropriate for material that is For Official Use Only (FOUO) or export controlled.

Accepted papers will be presented at the MILCOM conference and will be provided to DTIC for distribution after the conference. The will not be a Proceedings for the Restricted Access Program..

All submissions should be written in English in.pdf format with draft papers up to eight (8) printed pages in length, two-column, single-spaced with 10-point font on U.S. letter-size paper. The standard IEEE Transactions template for Microsoft Word and LaTeX formats can be found here.

Submit abstracts and manuscripts to the Restricted Access Technical Program via emails to

Restricted Papers Points of Contact

Restricted Program Questions? Contact the MILCOM 2018 Restricted Program Co-Chairs:

Akinwale Akinpelu, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,