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Basking Ridge,  NJ 
United States

Verizon understands that federal agencies have missions that matter. Our customers continue to rely on our decades of experience in delivering the networks and the technology that make government work.

 Press Releases

  • Is Cloud Consolidation the Right Move for Agencies in the “New Normal?”

    Cloud computing has been top of mind for the government and the coronavirus pandemic has made the need for cloud solutions even more apparent. To enable remote work and essential service delivery during the height of the pandemic, government agencies relied in part on cloud computing applications to continue mission delivery. Before the pandemic, many agencies were focused on transitioning to the cloud as part of the IT modernization strategy and as agencies take stock of their cloud solutions, it’s important that the focus remains on enabling mission delivery and security, particular with FedRAMP solutions.

    In a recent virtual panel, Paul Puckett, Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Office, U.S. Army, Karen Wrege, Chief Information Officer, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Department of State, Ashley Mahan, Director, Secure Cloud Portfolio and FedRAMP, General Services Administration, Habib Hourani, Team Lead, Federal Solutions Engineering, Okta, Nicholas Speece, Chief Federal Technologist, Snowflake and Joe Hamblin, DoD Chief Technology Officer, Verizon, came together to discuss cloud transformation and the important role that security plays in agency use. The experts also shared how their agencies are leveraging the cloud to enhance mission delivery.

  • Government Organizations Turn to Innovative IT to Drive Agility, Reduce Costs, Streamline Delivery

    As international institutions and organizations look to innovative technologies and applications to modernize IT systems, improve agility, and reduce costs, reviewing how the U.S. Government is tackling these challenges provides insight into not only best practices, but also the tangible benefits that accrue from implementing Enterprise IT-as-a-Service. This forward progress made by many agencies, including the United States Air Force, the United States Army, and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), is supported by a variety of IT solutions all supplied by different vendors. Managing multiple solutions from multiple vendors can create interoperability issues, which is why agencies have turned to enterprise IT-as-a-Service to streamline operations and service delivery.

    Within the U.S. federal government, the military services supported by DISA have led the way, already implementing enterprise IT-as-a-Service to deliver on the mission. This model is “a shift from not just outsourcing in managing vendors, but to a model where I’m going to give it all to a vendor and they are going to do it all for me,” explained Michael Young, DOD client partner at Verizon based in Europe. He explained that the adoption of these services is a good model for other complex organizations, like NATO, as they continue their IT modernization journey.

  • National Spectrum Consortium – Rapid Prototyping for 5G Digital Transformation

    Federal agencies are looking for ways to become more agile to support their digital transformation initiatives. Not only are agencies evaluating and implementing new technologies but they’re also looking at how to speed up notoriously lengthy procurement processes. And sometimes, the drive for new technology intersects with an opportunity to upend traditional procurement processes creating an opportunity to showcase the truly innovative capabilities.

    The Department of Defense (DoD) is often a driving force behind these innovations. Using a unique procurement instrument – Other Transaction Authority (OTA) – the DoD can carry out “certain prototype, research and production projects… [with] the flexibility necessary to adopt and incorporate business practices that reflect commercial industry standards and best practices into its award instruments.”