Technical Panel: Cyberattack Forecasting - Hype or Hope?

  • Room: Dallas
Monday, October 29, 2018: 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Shanchieh "Jay" Yang, Ph.D.
Professor and Head, Computer Engineering; Director of Global Outreach, Center of Cybersecurity
Rochester Institute of Technology
Kristina Lerman, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute
Alex Memory
Senior Research Scientist
Leidos Inc.
Steven Noel, Ph.D.
Cyber Security Researcher
Robert Rahmer
Program Manager
Aunshul Rege, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Temple University
Moises Sudit, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs and Commercialization
University at Buffalo


Cyberattacks on enterprise networks have moved into an era where both attackers and security analysts utilize complex strategies to confuse and mislead one another. Critical attacks often take multitudes of (technical and non-technical) reconnaissance, exploitations, and obfuscation techniques to achieve the goal of cyber espionage and/or sabotage. The discovery and detection of new exploits, though needing continuous efforts, is no longer sufficient. Forecasting or predicting cyberattacks before they happen with high fidelity and sufficient lead time will offer tremendous value to cyber defense. There have been some, but limited works in the area of forecasting cyberattacks through the use of conventional, (e.g., intrusion detection system and firewall logs), and/or unconventional data, (e.g., Twitter, Open Threat Exchange (OTX), and dark web transactions).  This set of works leverage advances in machine learning, data analytics, simulation, threat modeling, sentiment analysis, etc.

  • Is forecasting cyberattacks a possibility?
  • Will it ever become a reality? Or it is just a unrealizable dream?

This panel aims at integrating researchers and program managers in a variety of disciplines from academia, industry and government to share their thoughts on the possibility of preemptively predicting cyberattacks.


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Approved for 2 CompTIA CEUs: A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, CySA+, and CASP; 1 Logical Operations CFR; and 2 GIAC CPEs