TechNet Indo-Pacific Supporting Partner Opportunities

AFCEA has developed an enhanced Supporting Partner program that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate solutions. Supporting Partner opportunities are offered at several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

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The deadline for Sponsorship Opportunities is March 11th.

Exhibitor List Index

(ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter M31
10ZiG Technology 915 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
A.M. Fadida Consulting SPONSORS AFCEA Member
A10 Networks 134 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
ActioNet, Inc. 1003 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
ADS, Inc. 417 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
AFCEA International M23
AFCEA International M22 AFCEA Member
Akamai Technologies 236 AFCEA Member
Akamai Technologies SPONSORS
Amazon Web Services 314 AFCEA Member
Amazon Web Services K539
Amentum SPONSORS AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Appgate Cybersecurity, Inc. SEA4 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Appgate Cybersecurity, Inc. SPONSORS FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Aqua Security SPONSORS InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
AT&T 900 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Avaya Government Solutions 140 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Avaya Government Solutions K553
Aviatrix SPONSORS AFCEA Member
AVI-SPL 509 TwitterLinkedIn
BAE Systems 112 AFCEA Member
BAE Systems K549
BasisTech 305 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Belkin 717 LinkedIn
BlackBerry 1009 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Booz Allen Hamilton 1112 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Booz Allen Hamilton K555 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Booz Allen Hamilton SPONSORS TwitterLinkedIn
Bosch 1011 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Bren-Tronics Inc. 300
CACI SPONSORS InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
CACI MR28 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Carahsoft 609 AFCEA Member
Carahsoft SPONSORS
CDW-G M3 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Christie Digital Systems 715 AFCEA Member
CIS Secure 230 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Cisco Systems, Inc. 124 AFCEA Member
CodeMettle LLC 105 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Cohesity 802 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
CommScope Inc. 309 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
CommScope Inc. SPONSORS LinkedIn
Connection Public Sector Solutions 604 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Corelight M12 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Corning 616 AFCEA Member
Crestron Electronics, Inc. 814 AFCEA Member
CrowdStrike SPONSORS AFCEA Member
Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar® Family of Products 212 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
CyberArk Software Inc. 405 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
D2iQ 129 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Daktronics Inc. M11 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
DataLocker, Inc. 218 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Delinea 122 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Dell Technologies 615 AFCEA MemberInstagramTwitterLinkedIn
Dell Technologies SEA3 TwitterLinkedIn
Eclypsium M20 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
ECS Case 113 AFCEA Member
EdgeTI M4 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Elastic 119 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
EN-NET Services 1104 AFCEA Member
Entrust Corporation 914
Epiq Solutions 804 LinkedIn
Eutelsat America Corp. 116 AFCEA Member
Everfox 701 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
EvertzAV 414 InstagramTwitterLinkedIn
Extreme Networks 705
Extreme Protocol Solutions 136 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Extron 608 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
F5 117
FedData 138 AFCEA Member
Forescout Technologies 303 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Fortinet Federal SPONSORS AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Freeport Technologies M10 AFCEA Member
Friends of Windward Wounded Warriors M30 Facebook
FUTRON Inc 517 AFCEA Member
GDIT 501 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
General Dynamics Mission Systems 901 AFCEA Member
Georgia Tech Research Institute 703 AFCEA Member
Getac Inc 128 AFCEA MemberFacebookLinkedIn
Gigamon Inc. 312 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
GitLab 110 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Global Access Supply, Inc. M1 AFCEA Member
Google Cloud 908
Graybar Electric Company, Inc. 800 AFCEA Member
Hawaii Air National Guard M21
Hawaii Technical Representatives, Inc. 711 AFCEA Member
Hawaiian Telcom 1005
Heather Technologies M7
Henkels & McCoy, Inc M13
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 400 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Hexagon US Federal 816 AFCEA Member
ID Technologies SPONSORS AFCEA Member
IDS International 108 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
iGov 1007 LinkedIn
IMPRES Technology Solutions 704 AFCEA Member
IMPRES Technology Solutions K547
Infoblox 805 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Insight Public Sector 903 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Integrated Security Technologies 200 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Intelligent Devices Inc. 500 AFCEA Member
Iridium Communications Inc. 700 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Iridium Communications Inc. K545
IronNet M19 TwitterLinkedIn
iSenpai SPONSORS AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Juniper Networks 605 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Juniper Networks SPONSORS
Ke`aki Technologies, LLC 306 AFCEA Member
Klas Government 111 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Leidos SEA2 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Lind Electronics, Inc. 516 AFCEA Member
Lumen 139 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Lumen SPONSORS FacebookTwitter
Mandiant, Inc. M2 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Maxcell M6 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
MFGS, Inc. 208 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Microsoft Federal 815
Modtech Solutions, LLC 909 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookLinkedIn
Na 'Oiwi Kane 708
Nakupuna Companies 510
NetApp 401 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
NETSCOUT SPONSORS InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Netskope M9 InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Netskope SPONSORS InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
NexTech Solutions 228 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
NexTech Solutions SPONSORS
Niagara Networks M14 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
NIH - NITAAC M16 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Nozomi Networks 210 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Nuix USG 216 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Nutanix 109 AFCEA Member
OffSec M17 LinkedIn
Okta 301 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Owl Cyber Defense 515 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Palo Alto Networks 502 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Pearson VUE 404 AFCEA MemberFacebookLinkedIn
Pluralsight SPONSORS InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Polarity 131 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Poly 916
Preformed Line Products 222 AFCEA Member
Presidio Federal SPONSORS FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
PrinterLogic Inc, DBA Vasion 910 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Progress Software 1002 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Project Hosts 1001 AFCEA MemberLinkedIn
Proofpoint, Inc. SPONSORS AFCEA Member
Quantum Corporation 125 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Quest Software Public Sector, Inc. 514 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Radiant Logic Inc 103 TwitterLinkedIn
Rancher Government Solutions 803 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Recorded Future, Inc. 106 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Red Hat, Inc. 118 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Ribbon 415 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
RSA 302
Rubrik 114 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
SAIC 1004 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SailPoint 905 AFCEA Member
Samsung Electronics America SPONSORS AFCEA Member
Satcom Direct Communications 120 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SD3IT 403 AFCEA MemberFacebookLinkedIn
SecureNinja 315 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
ServiceNow 808 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Servpac Inc. 416 InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SES Space & Defense K551 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Sigma Defense 204 AFCEA MemberFacebookLinkedIn
Skyline ATS 130 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SolarWinds 505 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Splunk 709 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Spotter Global 101 LinkedIn
Tampa Microwave 133 AFCEA Member
Tanium Inc. 137 AFCEA MemberInstagramTwitterLinkedIn
TD SYNNEX Public Sector 1014 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies 238 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Thinklogical, A Belden Brand 511 AFCEA Member
T-Mobile USA 202 AFCEA Member
Trace Systems Inc. K541 AFCEA MemberFacebookLinkedIn
Trace Systems Inc. SPONSORS AFCEA Member
Trellix 611 AFCEA Member
Trend Micro 809 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Trend Micro SPONSORS
Tribalco, LLC 508 AFCEA Member
Tricentis 1010 TwitterLinkedIn
Tricentis SPONSORS
Triitus, Inc. 904 TwitterLinkedIn
Tufin INC. 504
Tyto Athene 409 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Tyto Athene K557
Tyto Athene SPONSORS AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
UMBC Training Centers 801 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Vanguard LED Displays, Inc. 1000 AFCEA Member
Varonis 224 AFCEA Member
VAST Federal 1008 LinkedIn
Vectra AI Inc 132 AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
Vectrus SPONSORS TwitterLinkedIn
Veritas 123 AFCEA MemberInstagramTwitterLinkedIn
Verizon 601 AFCEA Member
WESCO Distribution, Inc. 614
Western Governors University M32 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Wickr an AWS Company 317 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Wildflower International, Ltd SPONSORS AFCEA MemberTwitterLinkedIn
World Wide Technology 408 AFCEA MemberInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Zapata Technology, Inc. 810 AFCEA MemberFacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Zscaler 232 AFCEA Member