Loop Telecom N.A.  

Palm Beach,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: G23

Loop Telecom NA, 30 years of US/International design, manufacture and installation of access and management platforms for World Telecommunications/Government Agencies for base level upgrade of TDM/IP/carrier installations, range instrumentation integration, Civil/Military Aviation en- route centers, Control Tower Integration and deployments of Tactical Mux Equipment. Loop has extensive product offerings supporting both Legacy and Packet Network Services.

 Press Releases

  • Loop Telecomm has been delivering to its world wide market an integrated mux and transportation platform that is useable world wide with a common chassis and  modules that pertain to the world Telecom market. Many modules designed for use by both Military, (tactical and non tactical), along with  Commercial network  No more "boxes" for integrated communmications, just one unit that does all via multiple plug in modules.
  • Looptelecom N.A is in the process of installing a military back bone system for TDM mux and management of SDH/TDM services. Inclusive of management system also. The systems are inclusive of integrated MDF packaging in one unit with , ACCESS, TEST and Configuration. Major savings to the users in time and capital dollars.


  • MPLS Transport for IP/Ethernet-Multiservice TDM
    Multi MPLS Transport solutions for Miliatary Communications, along with Access platforms for military base communications, range management, High bandwidth TDM/Packet units for TDM/SDH/SONET infrastructures ....

  • Products offered under this catagory include Integration Switches, Multiservice ADM/TDM access with redundant 100GBPS non-blicking capacity. MPLS switches to support together 10GE MPLS-TP networks and STM16/OC48 SDH/SONET networks that authorize the deployment of circuits/Applications crossing both networks with a unique management platform.

    Mux systems for test range integration, and control with management inclusive of transport. Tactical mux systems for deployment with combat troops in tactical application and useable on command and control aircraft and related satellite systems supporting the operation.