Technical Panels

MILCOM 2017 hosts over a dozen, one to two hour technical panels.

Topics include:

  • Defense and the Internet of Things - Learn More
  • Managing Resources Across Heterogeneous Networks - Learn More
  • Improving Connectivity and Network Efficiency for Heterogeneous Tactical Networks - Learn More
  • Compliance Hurdles - Addressing the Requirements That Stand Between Industry Solutions and Military Deployment - Learn More
  • Train Like You Fight – Using METT-TC in Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) Training - Learn More
  • Can We Trust the Robots? - Learn More
  • Protected SATCOM Future - Government View - Learn More
  • Quantum Computation, Sensing, and Communication  - Learn More
  • Millimeter wave applications: Defense and Commercial  - Learn More
  • Protected SATCOM Future - Contractor View  - Learn More
  • Threat-Based Cyber Risk Assessment  - Learn More
  • Cyberspace Command and Control (Cyber C2)  - Learn More
  • Embedded Systems Security Postures in the Cloud for the Tactical Environment  - Learn More
  • Leveraging Commercial 5G Technology for Military Applications  - Learn More
  • Technology’s Role in the Flexible use of SATCOM  - Learn More

Find the full schedule, descriptions and panelist information on the agenda page by searching on keywords “technical panel” or pasting this link in your browser:

Technical Panel Questions? Contact Bonnie Gorsic, MILCOM 2017 Technical Panels Chair at