Combiz Abdolrahimi

Emerging Technology & Innovation Leader


Combiz is a national security lawyer; Emerging Technology and Innovation Leader at Deloitte; a former regulator & policymaker; and has served across government at the U.S. Departments of State, Treasury, The White House and Senate. Combiz has 13 years of public and private sector experience working with industry executives and government leaders on shaping the business, policy, legal, regulatory, & technology dimensions of artificial intelligence; blockchain & distributed ledger technologies; cloud computing; identity, credential, & access management (ICAM) programs; smart contracts; digital assets & currency; tokenization; cybersecurity; banking & payments; 5G & next-generation communication technologies; biometrics & digital identity programs; privacy; & e-governance. Combiz has advised, implemented, operationalized, and scaled blockchain and AI-powered systems for procurement, financial management, e-KYC, payments, fraud prevention, healthcare, identity management, supply chain traceability and transparency, cybersecurity, e-governance and consortia-building in the U.S. & internationally. Combiz speaks several languages including Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, & has a working proficiency in Spanish. He is a recipient of the FCW Rising Stars Award which recognizes the top 20 government IT innovators and emerging leaders; an Executive Secretary for FedID; a member of the iLEAD Council, made up of distinguished professionals in the information science field; and he serves on numerous professional boards, associations, & nonprofits including Kiwanis, AFCEA, & the American Council for Technology (ACT) & Industry Advisory Council (IAC) as an ACT-IAC Partner, Strategic Advisor, and Industry Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation, Blockchain, Emerging Technology, & Identity Management. Combiz aspires to follow in the footsteps of an American hero, Ambassador Col. Charles W. Hostler, USAF (ret.), and serve as our country’s Ambassador.

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