Kamran Atri

Chief Technology Office


Mr. Kamran Atri is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CSE Corp, www.cse-corp.com . He is an expert in Person Centric Identity Management, Enterprise Information Architecture and Governance, Solution Integration, Data Process Reengineering, Big Data, Micro Services, and IoT Cybersecurity Engineering. He is the winner of 2009 Best of NIEM National Award, Best of NIEM runner up 2011, and 2012 Washington Region Smart CXO Award.
Mr. Atri has supported NIEM maturation for over the past 14 years and is currently the Co-Chair of NBAC (NIEM Business Architecture Committee) and SME Facilitator of NIEM Emergency Management Domain and the Chair of NIEM International Tiger Team. Under his direct supervision and support, CSE has developed several NIEM IEPDs such EOC-I IEPD, IDENT/IAFIS IEPD (exchange between FBI and DHS), RTM IEPD (supporting the first responders' communities), FRC IEPD (supporting the first customized iPhone App IEPD), NIEM/IODEF IEPD (piloting for First NIEM conformant Cyber Exchange), SUMMIT IEPD (allowing message exchange between risk tools as it relates to modeling and simulation), and more.


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