Law Enforcement & Biometrics

  • Room: Ballroom AB
Thursday, September 27, 2018: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Toni Roberts
Research Program Manager
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Lightning Speaker
Joseph DiZinno
Senior Scientist
Lightning Speaker
Kate Knorr
Next Generation Identification (NGI) Program Manger
FBI Laboratory
Lightning Speaker
Matt McCrann
Director of Sales and Business Development
Camvi Technologies
Jerry Reimers
Defense Intelligence Senior Leader, DFBA
Department of Defense
Workshop Speaker
Patricia Wolfhope
Program Manager
Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Branch


Overview: The law enforcement and forensic communities have long leveraged identity technologies as a major enabler for their critical capabilities.  Recent advancements, such as contactless fingerprints and rapid DNA, are introducing new possibilities – but also creating new issues for these communities.  This session will discuss the changing technical landscape, the challenges and opportunities these capabilities present and the implications they have on the community.
The recent NIST assessment on forensic face examiners and AI-based recognition capabilities found that trained humans perform best when coupled with a computer, rather than another person.  This research is challenging the community to investigate new techniques to harness human-machine collaboration to improve performance of identity related technologies in this community. This session will discuss this study and seek to identify other areas where human-machine collaboration may lead to improved performance.
Developing and managing larger interconnected identity systems has been a longstanding challenge in the law enforcement community. This session will discuss the current status and challenges in an effort to continue to engage the private sector in the identification of mitigating strategies.

Federal Presentation: We will invite Federal executives to speak on the future of Biometric Identification (Latent prints/DNA) within the national law enforcement domain. Current capabilities and challenges will be discussed.

Lightning Talks

  • Current State of Latent Print Identification Using NGI
    • Kate Knorr, NGI Program Manager FBI Laboratory
  • The Use of Facial Recognition by the NYPD
    • Sargent Edwin Coello
  • Biometrics on the Edge: AI-Powered Solutions for the Next Generation of Biometrics
    • Matt McMrann, Director of Sales and Business Development at Camvi Technologies
  • Considerations to Facilitate Introduction of New Forensic Identity Technology to the Law Enforcement Community
    • Dr. Joseph DiZinno


The idea is to have ~5 tables groups, each hosted by a POC pertaining to the following 5 topics below.  For each topic, the POC will introduce the topics for about 5-10 minutes and then there will be two-three main questions to be addressed to start the conversation.  Participants can choose to answer all questions, focus on one, or provide their own questions for discussion.  Rules: No assigned seats (beyond the federal employee at each table), Chatham-house rules are in effect; Business development not allowed.

  • Facial ID/Law Enforcement perspective
  • Identity and Access Management for First Responders
  • Mobile Biometric Applications in Use by Law Enforcement
  • Lights Out Latent
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Biometrics

(Additional questions for workshops: We are interested in (1) obtaining lessons learned from other domains that can be applied by the law enforcement and/or forensic communities, (2) learning about innovative concepts and solutions that have the potential to transform the community and (3) identifying novel approaches to strengthening the human-machine collaboration in the private sector-Development, testing, and implementation of large biometric identification systems-How does technology get transitioned from vendor to user-Managed among geographically diverse labs and interagency with thin the federal government.

Wrap Up

After the lightening talks there will be informal workshops to extend the conversation on Law Enforcement and Biometrics covering the following topics:

  • Facial ID/Law Enforcement perspective: Patricia Wolfhope
  • Identity and Access Management for First Responders: Christine Owen
  • Mobile Biometric Applications in Use by Law Enforcement: Thomas Buss
  • Lights Out Latents: Joe DiZinno
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Biometrics: Matt McCrann