Homeland & National Security

  • Room: Ballroom AB
Tuesday, September 25, 2018: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


John Boyd
Assistant Director, Futures Identity, Office of Biometric Identity Management
Department of Homeland Security
Kristen Andersen-Fleming
Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA)
Amir Dastouri
Identity Services Branch Manager
Carter Keeton
Sr. National Intelligence Advisor and IC Management Officer
FBI National Security Branch
Workshop Speaker
Jerry Reimers
Defense Intelligence Senior Leader, DFBA
Department of Defense
Workshop Speaker
Ryan Triplett
Management Analyst
Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
Workshop Speaker
Arun Vemury
Biometric and Identity Technology Center DHS Science and Technology Directorate
Workshop Speaker
Patricia Wolfhope
Program Manager
Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Branch


Overview: The Homeland and National Security Session will focus on shifting trends across the identity spectrum, spanning from policies on screening and vetting to the types of technologies and capabilities mission partners need to implement the Administration’s recently published Executive Orders.

This block will address the current state of biometrics in confronting national security threats, public safety concerns and counter-fraud, while also informing industry leaders on the U.S. Government’s interest in transitioning from the collection of individual modalities and encounter-based systems to an all-encompassing approach to person-centric identity.  

Opening Remarks: John Boyd

  • Mission Overview: National Security, Public Safety and Counter-Fraud
  • Present the Future of Identity/Identity 2030 Concept
  • The “As Is” and “To Be” State of Identity
  • Person-Centric Identity
  • Federation of Federations

Federal Presentation Panel

  • Glenn Krizay, Director, DoD Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA)
  • Jerry Reimers, Defense Intelligence Senior Level, DFBA, Department of Defense
  • Amir Dastouri, Identity Architect, DHS Information Sharing and Services Office (IS20)
  • Carter Keeton, Sr. National Inteligence Advisor and IC Management Officer, FBI National Security Branch

Lightning Talks

Workshop: Session Workshops: Science & Technology Focus (45 minutes)

  • DHS S&T will lead feds and industry partners through current projects and opportunities to develop key enablers for Person-Centric Identity
  • DHS will solicit inputs from industry for next generation identity solutions, focusing on specific technologies, as well as throughput processing and storage of large data sets.
  • S&T will focus on tech development, data analytics and privacy considerations in support of Person-Centric Identity efforts
  • The Workshop will provide a collaborative environment in which USG and industry partners can discuss the following projects and future capabilities:
    • DHS S&T (Chris Miles): Forensics  
    • DHS S&T (Patty Wolfhope): Digital Multi-Media Exploitation  
    • DHS S&T (Arun Vemury): Increasing Data Throughput & Impacts to Accuracy and Efficiency of Identity Databases  
    • DHS S&T (Ryan Triplett): Access Control & Credentialing