Patricia Janssen

Director, CS Enterprise Planning and Capability Implementation
Office of the Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity


Ms. Janssen is the Director for Enterprise Planning and Capability Implementation (EP&CI) Directorate with the DoD CIO Cybersecurity office. The EP&CI Directorate provides oversight and leadership in Cybersecurity Architecture, Portfolio Management, Key Management, Identity Management, Endpoint, Insider Threat, and Mission Partner Network security. Previously she was the Director for Cyber Workforce and Risk Management. She also supported the DoD CIO from Sep 2015 to Apr 2016 as the Program Manager/Contractor Officer’s Representative for the Office of Personnel Management’s Breach 2 efforts.

Prior to arriving at the DoD CIO, Ms. Janssen was a Division Chief within the Defense Information Systems Agency for various divisions that developed cyber capabilities for Perimeter, Cross Domain, Identity Management, Endpoint, Sensors and Analytics. She oversaw the acquisition of new cyber capabilities. She was the DoD Deputy Program Manager for the Department of Defense Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) program from 2005 to 2014. During that time, she also led the development of the Joint Enterprise Directory Services which provided discovery and attribute services to the Department and the DoD enterprise Privilege Management capabilities to provide secure information sharing with DoD partners and unanticipated users.

Before arriving at DISA, Ms. Janssen was the Director of the Environmental Information Resource Management Office in the Office of the Deputy UnderSecretary of Defense (Environmental Security). Ms. Janssen entered the Department of Defense as an engineering intern at the U.S. Army Belvoir Research, Development, and Engineering Center, designing mobile water purification systems. She earned both a MS in engineering and BA in chemistry from the University of Virginia, and is DoD Level 3 certified in the program management and information technology career fields.


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