TechNet Augusta 2019 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

AFCEA has developed an enhanced sponsorship program that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate solutions. Sponsorship opportunities are offered at several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

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Thought Leadership - Learn from Key Industry Leaders (Listed In Booth Order)

Envistacom - Salon F

Building Cyber Resilient Technologies

The U.S. government has played a pivotal role throughout history in advancing technological capabilities, which has spurred economic growth and development as well as enhanced national security. As technologies rapidly evolve, the Department of Defense (DoD) will continue to research and develop the most modern and technologically advanced weapon systems, capabilities, and platforms. Unfortunately, our adversaries employ reverse engineering techniques to exploit weapon systems and technical plans for their benefit.

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BluVector - L9

Incident Response Ups the Ante Against Evolving Threats

It’s no secret that cyber threats to companies around the world are growing in number and intensity. Threat actors are more organized and the payloads more damaging. More than one million new files are seen a day, some of which are benign, but more are destructive.1 An arsenal of security products doesn’t help differentiate good from bad; in fact, it creates more confusion. Security products bombard the average organization with 17,000 malware alerts weekly, or almost 2,500 each day2 How many are real threats, and how many are false positives that the security analysts will need to chase?

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