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Infodas was founded in 1974 in Germany. We provide a range of innovative cross domain and network security solutions; and Cybersecurity consulting to defense, government and commercial clients. Our German BSI SECRET and NATO approved products are used in the most demanding, mission critical and sensitive security operational environments around the world. Contact us at


  • SECRET Approved Cross Domain Solutions
    SDoT Product Family: Security Gateway, data diode, Labelling Service, Log Service, Multi Malware Protection, Patch management of isolated networks

  • Based on years R&D and working for the German military and government, our SDoT product family meets your most demanding data security, network security, high-availability and compliance requirements. Our products are used on vessels out at sea, in containers in the desert or land-based sites and IT/OT environments. The technology could not be exported for several years but can now be shared with NATO allies and other selected countries.

    The SDoT solutions use a specially modified microkernel operating system L4, cryptography, an optional firewall and separation. These security features are combined with an easy to use management console that give administrators maximum control of their network security. All appliances are heat, shock and vibration resistant to work in the most demanding environments.

    SDoT Security Gateway

    SECRET approved, bidirectional data exchange between domains of different classification levels. Any data (eg. XML, ADEXP, NMEA, DIS, ADatP3, ASTERIX, LINK16, HLA, Jchat/XMPP)

    SDoT Diode

    SECRET approved, software based, high-speed (9.1 GBit/s), unidirectional data diode. Unlike fiber optic diodes, the SDoT data diode uses data transmission receipt and flow control for superior data transmission speed and stability.

    SDoT Labelling Service & RCE

    SECRET approved, detached or embedded crypto blockchain XML labelling of data objects (automatic, manual), Open API and easy integration in applications.

    SDoT Malware Protection Service

    Multiple concurrent leading-edge malware protection engines because one engine will never be able to keep up and detect today's threats.

    SDoT Secure Log Service

    Auditable blockchain based logging server

    Efficient patch management of isolated “air gapped” networks

    Standards we meet (can vary by product): CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001, NATO STANAG (4107, 4774, 4778), NATO AQAP (21xx-23xx), EAL 4+

    SECRET approval through German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), NATO and EU SECRET approval in progress

    SecurITy Made in Germany