Paul Inverso

Technical Manager, Software Defined Enterprise
Defense Information Systems Agency


Mr. Paul Inverso is currently serving as the Technical Manager of the Software Defined Enterprise (SDE) Technical Management Office in the Cyber Development Directorate for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). He plays a leading role in developing the strategic direction and coordinating the activities of SDE deployments across the agency. Mr. Inverso has managed enterprise level programs for over 16 years.

Mr. Inverso previously was the Special Projects Officer for the Cyber Development Executive. In this role he spearheaded three major DISA efforts: First, he led the implementation of DISA’s first public cloud application for the Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) located here Second, he chaired the DISA Cyber Defense Working Group which developed DISA’s Cyber Domain Build Strategy. Last, he worked the acquisition of an Internet Based scanning tool that can footprint/fingerprint IP ranges, find expired server certificates, and detect rogue DoD systems.

Mr. Inverso holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Inverso holds a Master in Science in Technology System Management and a Master in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College.


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