Robert J. Mawhinney

Chief, DCO Plans & Requirements
Defense Information Systems Agency


Robert Mawhinney is currently serving as the Chief of Current Operations within the Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Division. His team is responsible for coordinating 24x7 DCO across DISA's
Enterprise and supporting Joint Force Headquarters DODIN in protecting the Defense Information System Network. His team serves as the focal point to maintain situational awareness, coordinate,
synchronize, prioritize, and direct the security and defense of the Agency’s Area of Operations for the DoDIN and the Agency’s enterprise infrastructure.

Mr. Mawhinney joined DISA in 2008 as the lead for the Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP) (this was the predecessor to CSSP) certification inspection team. His team was responsible for inspecting and certifying all DOD Components to align or become a CNDSP Tier 2. Under his guidance the team further enhanced the criteria for CNDSP compliance by updating the Evaluator Scoring Metrics to version 8, which was the first major update in over 5 years prior to that time. Mr. Mawhinney went on to take the lead to manage and coordinate the global DISA Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) program in order to defend and protect the DISN with a 24x7 DCO/CSSP mission. His responsibilities included coordinating efforts amongst the 200+ DISA DCO team to develop requirements network security capabilities, and guided implementation of enterprise-wide DCO tools. Prior to his current position at DISA, Mr. Mawhinney served as the Technical Advisor to the Risk Management Executive. Under his leadership, DISA helped to develop and coordinate DoD CIO approval for both the Cloud Cyberspace Protection Guide and the DOD CIO signed Cloud Cybersecurity Activities Memorandum.


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