Dr. Brian G. Hermann

Unified Capabilities Portfolio Manager - Services Development Directorate
Defense Information Systems Agency


Dr. Brian G. Hermann is Chief of the Enterprise Services Devleopment Division and the Unified Capabilities Portfolio Manager at the Defense Information Systems Agency. He is responsible for developing and implementing information technology services and strategies for unification of communications and collaboration services for the DoD-Wide Enterprise.

A retired U.S. Air Force communications and cyber Officer, Dr. Hermann has served in a variety of communications, acquisition-related, software, test and evaluation, information technology, and educational positions. He developed techniques for evaluating software product maturity and reliability used for major acquisition programs including JSTARS, the CV-22, and the E-3 Radar System Improvement Program for the AWACS. He also has extensive experience teaching systems and software engineering, delivering information technology services, and leading educational departments. As a National Defense Fellow, he published research on a normative U.S. Government response to cyber attacks.

After military retirement, Dr. Hermann spent several years in industry before rejoining the government in July 2016 in his current capacity.


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