Charles Osborn

Acting Infrastructure Executive
Defense Information Systems Agency


Charles Osborn started his career in 1993 when he enlisted in the United States Army as an Information Systems Operator/Analyst. His first assignment was in South Korea in the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade. From there, he went to Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at Ft. Belvoir, VA. He came to DISA during his last assignment while on active duty for the United State Army in 1996.

Arriving at DISA, Mr. Osborn was assigned to the Global Combat Control System laboratory at the Operational Support Facility. He joined the Civil Service ranks in 2001. In 2002, Mr. Osborn was promoted to a Branch Chief for the Network Operations Center in Columbus, Ohio. He was later reassigned to the Engineering Division in Network Services. From here, he was promoted within Network Services as a team lead providing engineering support to the IP Data Division. While in this Division, he was assigned as a Branch Chief. In 2010, he was promoted once to a Division Chief shortly after the Division combined with another and became a Center. Mr. Osborn was selected to lead the Communications Engineering Division in 2015 directly serving Mr. Jessie Showers, the Infrastructure Executive. Today, he serves as the Infrastructure Executive’s Civilian Deputy.

Outside of work, Mr. Osborn has been involved in his community youth sports programs. He has volunteered as a league director and served on the executive committee of the youth sports board where he completed two terms as President. During his tenure, the board adopted a strategic plan and partnered with the county and a local high school to turf the stadium field along with a practice field, a $1.2 million venture and achieved an annual budget of $2M.


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