Dr. Misty Blowers

Director of Research, Development, and Strategy


Dr. Misty Blowers is a recognized leader in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber operations, and autonomy. She recently was awarded a 2018 SPIE Career Achievement Award for her noteworthy contributions to the field through innovative algorithm development, global outreach, and collaborative leadership across a broad research community. As the prior lead for cyber operations applied research at the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, she successfully developed and applied a patented machine learning based approach to autonomously monitor and provide actionable alerts to operators in real time complex systems. Her patent led to five unique commercial licenses awarded to new start-up companies through a technology transfer initiative focused on the revitalization of the upstate NY economy. In 2018 she was appointed to lead a NATO task force on Mission Assurance of Autonomous Unmanned Systems where she guides the strategic direction, identifies capability gaps and risk, and unifies an international community of experts in the field of autonomous systems to ensure success of future allied military operations. Dr. Blowers has created and chaired numerous world renowned conferences on machine learning, autonomy, bio-inspired computation and disruptive technologies for cyber operations. She has directed over $175 million in robust cyber security research portfolios in recent years including ground-breaking research into how adversarial machine learning could impact future autonomous systems. As an adjunct professor of blockchain technologies at George Mason University, Dr. Blowers' recent research interest has included the convergence of blockchain technologies with artificial intelligence. Her book, entitled “Evolution of Cyber Operations and Technologies to 2035”, sold over 9000 copies in the first year and highlighted the implications and challenges of cyber operations in future military systems.


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