Capt Justin Smith, USAF

Cyber Warfare Planner
315th Cyberspace Operations Squadron


I have served in the USAF for 6 years as a Cyberspace Operations Officer where I have held a variety of
positions with varying responsibilities to include leading 67 Airmen conducting enterprise system
administration, vulnerability assessments, and enterprise patch management for the $1B Air Force
Network. During my time at the 92d Cyberspace Operations Squadron, I was a Cyber Protection Team
Lead where I led 39 defensive cyberspace operators in executing incident response, threat hunting, and
risk assessments across a variety of Air Force weapon system platforms and networks. Lastly, in my
current role, I work on a National Support Team within the Cyber National Mission Force where I am
responsible for defending the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources from nation state
adversaries in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security.


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