Fred Ruonavar

Chief of DISA Mission Assurance and DISA/DoDIN Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Division
Defense Information Systems Agency


Mr. Fred Ruonavar is currently the Chief of DISA Mission Assurance and DISA/DoDIN Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Division, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. Among his many roles and responsibilities within DISA are: lead for DISA and DoD Information Network (DoDIN) Sector Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) program; technical advisor on matters involving ongoing programs and organizational structures; evaluating deliberate and contingency plans and policies for use by Department of Defense employees in the development of information technology criteria; and Mission Assurance programs and plans. Mr. Ruonavar is the lead for the DISA Supply Chain Risk Management Program. He is the chair of the DoD Control Systems Working Group (CSWG), responsible for advising, working with the Military Departments in analyzing, identifying and advising all matters associated with Industrial Control System. Mr. Ruonavar also provides strategic planning for Agency participation in annual COCOM Tier 1-level exercises as well as spear-heading initiatives to implement standards, methodologies, and strategies that ensure the agency’s mission of providing world class service to the warfighter.

Prior to his civil service assignments, he was a Design Engineer for SAIC. Working on contract for Boeing Information Services, he had operations and analysis oversight over the Defense Information System Network (DISN) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks, then serving well over 10,000 customers. Additionally, he directed operations and maintenance support of Air Force Material Command’s Global Command and Control System and Defense Red Switch Network node supporting timely, reliable command and control throughout the command. In addition, all base cryptographic equipment, land mobile radios, and non-air traffic control line-of-sight radios were managed and maintained under his direction.

In 1987, Mr. Ruonavar, a Michigan native, joined the United States Air Force, and began his military career with training at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. Mr. Ruonavar then went on to graduate with a degree in Electronic Systems Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. During his military career, he held a variety of staff assignments which have involved performing evaluation, testing, and diagnostic troubleshooting of microwave and satellite radio links, wiring cutovers, as well as managing groups, programs, facilities, circuits, and critical-secure systems.

Mr. Ruonavar currently resides in Severn, Maryland.


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