Stuart L. Schutta

Defense Spectrum Relocation Management Team, Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO)
Defense Information Systems Agency


Mr. Stuart L. Schutta is a member of the Defense Spectrum Relocation Management Team (DSRMT) at the DISA Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO). He is responsible for developing innovative approaches for spectrum engineering and spectrum sharing.

A graduate of Syracuse University with a master’s degree in computer engineering, Mr. Schutta has worked for the DISA Defense Spectrum Organization for the past six years. Before joining the DSRMT, he led a multi-year project prototyping an expert system for spectrum management, leading to a published paper in the MILCOM 2015 conference and a presentation at the classified session of the Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security 2015 conference. Mr. Schutta’s responsibilities since then have been focused on the development of algorithms, models, and software for interference analysis, on the application of optimization algorithms to the spectrum allocation problem, and on applying his previous expert systems work to spectrum sharing.


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