Robert "Bob" Bauman

President & Chief Executive Officer
Trusted Systems, Inc.


Having pioneered the IPS (Information Processing System) Classified Security Container in the mid-80's, Bob remains the industry's leading authority for physical data security devices designed to maintain a dynamic and mobile posture while guarding some of the Nation's Top Secrets. As an engineer, speaker, writer, and security advocate, Bob exhibits a tireless quest to advance the state of security for sensitive networks, often sounding the alarm while the threat is still beyond the horizon. As President and CEO, Bob's vision at the helm ensures Trusted Systems, Inc. will remain the industry leader in the development and worldwide deployment of advanced solutions for a data network's physical security. In Bob's own words: "Trusted Systems is an all-American, active duty company dedicated to supporting those who defend our national security and freedoms. As a mission-driven company, we create the highest performing solutions that enable secured, controlled access to classified networks, worldwide. In other words, we build Peace of Mind"


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