Innovation Showcase: Data Centric Cyber Security

    Tuesday, May 15, 2018: 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    / CEU Credits:NaN


    Idriss Mekrez, Ph.D.
    Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector


    Cyber criminals and adversary state actors are constantly innovating to test our resolve and defenses. Current technology solutions used to protect information typically focus on four areas: endpoints, perimeter, applications and network traffic. Not much focus and resources are applied to safeguard what actually matter: the movement of sensitive information and restricted commands. A new era for cyber defense is upon us, it is time for Data Centric Cyber Security. The instrumentation of data to prevent unauthorized access, prevent leaks and stop damaging commands from reaching mission critical infrastructures. In this session we will discuss the current cyber security challenges that still prevent cyber operators from protecting their agencies against sophisticated attacks and insider threats. Learning from current blind spots and vulnerabilities we will details how a pragmatic data centric approach could deliver unprecedented capability to detect and block the unauthorized movement of sensitive information across the network or physical security boundaries. Similarly, we will discuss how the same approach can be used to detect and block destructive commands before their reach physical assets or and infrastructure. Practical examples will illustrate each sections highlighting the main differences between current challenges and the benefits that could be gained by embracing Data Centric Cyber Security.