Collaboration Theater: Defense Information System Network (DISN) - An Essential Weapon for the Nation's Defense

  • Room: Halls F and Swing
Wednesday, May 16, 2018: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Charles Osborn
Acting Infrastructure Executive
Defense Information Systems Agency


This session provides an overview of the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) both now and where it will be in the future.  In DISA, the Infrastructure Directorate is charged with the sustainment of the DISN.  As such, the care and feeding of the DISN includes the following:  network enhancements (Quality of Service, Software Defined Network, Gray Core Services, Commercial Ethernet Gateways, Next Generation Networks, to name a few); engineering and programmatic efforts toward current typography and visionary efforts for the future; assured connectivity and survivability; and orchestrated virtualization efforts.

The sum total of sustainment activities do not overshadow the day-to-day operations to 150k+ users across the globe (100+ Nations) connecting 1.1k of locations by traversing 125 Tbps of infrastructure backbone along with internet access point and mobility/satellite gateways.


Approved for 1 CompTIA CEU: A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, CySA+, and CASP; 1 Logical Operations CEC for Cybersecurity First Responder; Recommended for Acquisition Training (CFR)