Mission Partner Theater: U.S. Army DCO - A Different Approach to Addressing DCO Requirements and Acquisition

  • Room: Halls F and Swing
Wednesday, May 16, 2018: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Russell Fenton
Defensive Cyberspace Operations Branch, TRADOC Capability Manager Office Cyber
U.S. Army Cyber COE


The presentation will cover how the Army continues to circumvent the constraints of traditional approaches in order to establish an agile and flexible requirements generation process commensurate with the challenges of cyberspace. Additionally, the presentation will include information on how the Army plans to implement an evolutionary acquisition model that is meant to compress the time between identifying an operational gap and delivering a corresponding solution. The dynamic nature of DCO missions and emerging threats means the Army must quickly and continually acquire and/or modify its capabilities to keep pace. DOD, Army, and even Congressional leadership (as highlighted in Section 804 of the NDAA) realize approval authorities must be pushed lower, while still providing some level of oversight and governance. The intent is for attendees to understand how the Army is rapidly meeting the needs of the cyber warfighter by leveraging a requirements and acquisition framework that includes prototyping, evaluations, and assessments in partnership with industry, academia, and the science and technology community.


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