Exhibitor Innovative Solutions at DCOS 2018 (Exhibitors sorted by booth number)

SitScape, Inc.

Booth #243

SitScape Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) Software

SitScape’s Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) is an innovative, proven and transformational software for analytics, operations and decision support. SitScape extracts knowledge without coding or programming from disparate data sources and AI, ML and Deep Learning outputs through agile, data-driven analytics, correlation, drill-down visualization and automated (STP) process workflow. Unique User-Defined Operating Picture (UDOP) results are produced in a visual drag & drop browser-based interface. Capabilities include: data aggregation; fusion; toolset integration; data interoperability; 1-click dashboards; anomaly detection; alerting; auto actions; real time reporting; and shared workspace collaboration. Awards: Army NETCOM Certificate of Networthiness; NGA Disparate Data Challenge 2016.



Symantec Corporation

Booth #305

Web Isolation

Symantec Web Isolation executes web sessions away from endpoints, sending only safe rendering information to users' browsers thereby preventing any website delivered zero-day malware from reaching your devices. When combined with Symantec Secure Web Gateway, policies allow isolating traffic from uncategorized sites or URLs with suspicious or potentially unsafe risk profiles.



Micro Focus Government Solutions

Booth #312

Software Solutions for DevOps, Hybrid IT, Security & Risk, and Predictive Analytics

From mainframe to mobile, we have the portfolio depth and breadth to cover challenges across DevOps, Hybrid IT, Security & Risk, and Predictive Analytics. Micro Focus Government Solutions is committed to helping your organization's mission-critical IT challenges with our agile and modern software solutions.




Booth #346

vidyo.io™ Service

The vidyo.io service is a communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) offering that lets application developers and enterprises quickly and easily embed high-quality, reliable, scalable video collaboration into any WebRTC, mobile, or native application. Vidyo.io makes embedded video accessible for developers who are looking to rapidly integrate real-time visual communications into their own applications.



NetBrain Technologies

Booth #356


NetBrain’s ground-breaking network automation technology leverages the power of Dynamic Maps and Runbook Automation to provide network teams with end-to-end network visibility across physical, virtual and software-defined networks while automating tasks across their critical IT workflows. Today, over 2,000 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed service providers use NetBrain to automate network documentation, accelerate troubleshooting, and strengthen network security—while integrating with a rich ecosystem of partners.



AT&T Public Sector and Wholesale Solutions

Booth #365

U.S. Army Collaboration Enterprise Service

AT&T is delivering the U.S. Army Collaboration Enterprise Service (ACES) as a modernization and information technology innovation solution aligned with Department of Defense strategies to maintain the military’s technological advantage by using commercial cloud services. ACES delivers Instant Messaging, Presence, Screen Sharing, Voice and Video capabilities using industry leading Unified Capabilities software technologies interoperable throughout fixed and mobile Army formations on approved electronic tablets and mobile devices. The service will support up to one million Army users on both unclassified and classified networks with local and geo-redundancy to improve resiliency for tactical environments and Home Station Mission Command Centers.



NetQuest Corporation

Booth #379

Interceptor - Cyber Surveillance Appliances

NetQuest designs and manufacturers a family of optical surveillance appliances which allow government agencies, system integrators to directly tap, monitor and target specific traffic types embedded within an optical link. A unique auto discovery capability demystifies the optical WAN by categorizing the individual signal type along with the underlying protocols for each and every sub container. The overall optical link and individual sub circuits can simply be monitored, or in addition the targeted traffic flows can be formatted over Ethernet (GigE, 10GigE) interfaces for further analysis by a pool of cyber defense, DPI, intrusion detection, analytics and forensic tools. Traffic can be targeted by network segment or by defining detailed L2-L4 filters. The 100% passive surveillance is possible regardless of the optical circuit type deployed (10G, 40G, 100G, Coherent, WDM, OTN, SONET/SDH, etc).



Trend Micro Inc.

Booth #407

Trend Micro TippingPoint TX Series Threat Protection System (TPS)

Trend Micro's TippingPoint TX Series Threat Protection System (TPS) is a powerful network security platform that offers comprehensive threat protection against know & undisclosed vulnerabilities through actionable security intelligence. The TPS also shields againts vulnerabilities, blocks exploits and defends against known and zero-day attacks with high accuracy. Highlighted TPS features include on-box SSL inspection, 40 GB per second of inspection, URL reputation and flexible licensing. SSL inspection helps block threats and identify & respond to sophisticated breaches that bypass traditional security defenses. The TippingPoint TPS now provides the enforcement of detected URL suspicious objects in addition to IP and DNS.




Booth #416

Agari Email Trust Platform

Agari, a leading cybersecurity company, is trusted by leading Fortune 1000 companies to protect their enterprise, partners and customers from advanced email phishing attacks. The Agari Email Trust Platform is the industry’s only solution that ‘understands’ the true sender of emails, leveraging the company’s proprietary, global email telemetry network and patent-pending, predictive Agari Identity IntelligenceTM (AI2)to identify and stop phishing attacks. The platform powers Agari Enterprise Protect, which help organizations protect themselves from advanced spear phishing attacks, and Agari Customer Protect, which protects consumers from email attacks that spoof enterprise brands.




Booth #418

Accellion Secure File Sharing & Governance Platform

Accellion provides an Integrated Governance Framework that allows organizations to securely share files and collaborate beyond the enterprise borders, with all the controls and audit details necessary to demonstrate compliance when working with the most sensitive content. Accellion establishes a Secure Governance Perimeter around your most sensitive content wherever it resides, on-premise or in the cloud. Easily accessed from your email, through the web, or on your mobile device, Accellion integrates with your existing security infrastructure, as well as your enterprise applications and workflows, to safely deliver content quickly and efficiently to improve business processes.



CA Technologies

Booth #461

CA Technologies Privileged Access Management

The DoDIN APL approval of the CA Technologies Privileged Access Manager (Rel.2.8.3 TN 1628801) as a Cybersecurity Tool (CST) has been granted and is now on the DoDIN APL website.



G2, Inc.

Booth #465

CSAAC, ROW6, Prevalent, Computer Network Exploitation

G2 Inc., headquartered in Annapolis Junction, MD is focused on delivering solutions and services to our Intelligence Community, DoD, Federal and Commercial customers. G2 employs software developers, security engineers and systems engineers and architects who are charged with solving some of our nation's most complex problem in CNE, data science & analytics, edge computing, enterprise IdAM and national cybersecurity guidance.




Booth #574


EndZone is a scalable, cloud or on premise solution that provides the capability for networked communications (4G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Coverage on Wheels (COW), and satellite) to align with location based technology while keeping individuals safe during a crisis.



Metova Federal, LLC

Booth #671

CENTS® (Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators)

Metova CyberCENTS provides innovative and cutting-edge cyber operations solutions. Our CENTS® product line of advanced cyber range environments, provide an integrated, persistent cyber environment for training/exercising, and testing cyberspace capabilities. Metova’s range automation engine, SLAM-R©, provides the high-fidelity for each CENTS platform. Our simulators expose trainees to various network threats, advancing their cyber protection and mission-critical operational skills and provide a realistic proving ground for test and experimentation. To further advance Cyber Mission Forces, Metova CyberCENTS’ Training Solutions offers courses and exercises that center around Cybersecurity. Our courses are advertised through the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies website.



World Wide Technology

Booth #770

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) FILE SYNC AND SHARE

The world of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and cloud applications is changing the way people work. This new “digital workplace” means people can be more productive by working from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Often, the trade-off is data that was once solely on corporate devices and under the control of IT can now become scattered across diverse applications, devices and cloud services. The data has varying levels of security, protection, quality of service and visibility to the organization, which can pose risks of data loss and noncompliance, and also complicate searches for information.



SecureLogix Corporation

Booth #853

SecureLogix® Enterprise Telephony Management System (ETM®)

SecureLogix® protects against complex, application-level cyberattacks on the voice network such as Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS), 911 phone system attacks, robocalls and caller ID spoofing. Our flagship ETM® System product includes a bundled suite of voice-network monitoring and security applications, with an optional Call Recorder application that enables policy-based call recording of targeted calls of interest. SecureLogix® ETM® System has evolved to protect customer environments migrating from TDM to AS-SIP and provides encrypted call recording for our DoD customers.