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Falls Church,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 3160

 Press Releases

  • BCMC is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership journey with the DISA, supporting the agency’s highest priority initiatives. This enduring collaboration underscores BCMC’s commitment to advancing DISA’s mission-critical programs and solidifying its status as a premier digital innovation company.

    Advancing IT Transformation - BCMC is proud to support DISA through the DISA Services Platform (DSP) program, a critical component of DISA’s ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM transformation. As part of the 4ENO, this initiative focuses on establishing DISA as the first-class common IT service provider for Fourth Estate agencies. DSP is instrumental in streamlining IT services, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering superior support across the DoD.
    Modernizing DISA Storefront to DISA Marketplace - BCMC is assisting in the modernization of the DISA's flagship application, DISA Storefront, to the DISA Marketplace (DMP). This transformation is set to bring about significant technological modernization, business process automation, and an enhanced user experience. The transition to DMP will result in more efficient and effective service delivery, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

    Enhancing Manpower Analysis - In addition to these efforts, BCMC also plays a vital role in supporting DISA’s Manpower Analysis efforts. This initiative is essential for determining the effective manpower required to maintain DISA’s legacy as the DoD’s leading technology agency. By providing comprehensive manpower analysis, BCMC ensures that DISA is equipped to meet current and future technological demands, thereby sustaining its pivotal role within the DoD.

    Leading in AI and Cybersecurity with StormShield - BCMC continues to lead engineering capabilities in AI, exemplified by its cutting-edge StormShield software. StormShield represents a major advancement in cybersecurity operations, utilizing AI to proactively close the cybersecurity attack timeline. Unlike traditional passive responses to security compromises, StormShield actively anticipates and mitigates threats, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber defense operations.

    Visit BCMC at booth 3160. Discover how BCMC’s innovative solutions are driving forward the future of cybersecurity and IT management within the DoD.