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TeamWorx Security

Columbia,  MD 
United States

 Press Releases

  • (May 28, 2024)

    TeamWorx Security Overview:

    AI Powered Malware Analysis to Modernize DoD/SLED Cyber Security Teams
    TWX harnesses the power of AI to reduce the complexity of malware analysis while increasing accuracy and improving integration for the entire enterprise. Offered as a secure cloud solution, our solutions help overwhelmed hunt and security teams manage hundreds of best of breed tools from open-source and most leading solutions such as Crowdstrike and Trellix.

    Replace costly isolated malware labs
    Our partners include the Federal Government, SLED, and commercial industry to securely integrate all remote, distributed, and on-site teams in real time.  BLUF, improve integration, collaboration, and accuracy of your analysis while reducing the annual cost of doing business.

    Unlock Incident Response and Threat Hunt Efficiency
    Our technology is a leading advanced malware analysis platform that uses AI to help modernize cyber defense teams around the world. MATRIX’s secure cloud environment provides scalability for existing enterprise environments such as stand-alone and isolated tools, bare-metal, and multi-cloud environments. Discover how to maximize your cyber security investment and instantly adopt the latest and most up-to-date analysis tools in the industry.