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Maltego Technologies GmbH

  • Booth: 3266

 Press Releases

  • Maltego Acquires PublicSonar and Social Network Harvester to Propel Vision of An All-in-One Investigation Platform 

    MUNICH,GERMANY - Maltego is the world’s most used all-in-one investigation platform used by institutions such as the FBI and INTERPOL, financial organizations and half of the DOW 30 companies to conduct cyber investigations and analysis. Today, Maltego is excited to announce the acquisition of two great businesses by way of share acquisition: PublicSonar and Social Network Harvester. The acquisitions will solidify our position as the all-in-one investigation platform for complex investigations and empowering impactful organizations in our target segments. 

    Since 2008, Maltego has empowered more than one million investigations worldwide, making it the most used cyber investigation platform in the world. It is our mission to build the ecosystem of tools, data, and people to enable every investigator to discover the truth. 

    The acquisition of Maltego by Charlesbank Capital Partners in April 2023 has helped accelerate Maltego’s growth and development. We have introduced browser-based investigation capabilities and simplified data access. These capabilities enable us to serve both novice and advanced investigators in various physical settings and with different collaboration needs. 

    “Today, we're thrilled to expand the Maltego platform by welcoming PublicSonar and Social Network Harvester into our fold. Their exceptional products will further solidify our position as the world’s most used all-in-one investigation platform.” commented Maltego CEO Philip Mayrhofer. “As we welcome the new teams, our priority is ensuring continuity for all involved. We're committed to a seamless transition, leveraging the strengths of each team to drive innovation. Together, we'll continue to redefine and expand our investigation platform to deliver unmatched value to our users.” 

    Maltego has become the go-to platform for making sense of massive datasets in cyber threat intelligence and law enforcement investigations. With the two acquisitions, we are excited to accelerate further to solidify the value of our platform for law enforcement on and behind the scenes of making the world a safer place. 


  • Maltego

    Maltego is the all-in-one investigation platform that accelerates complex cyber investigations from hours to minutes. The Maltego platform powers preliminary quick OSINT investigations for digital profiling with Maltego Search as well as complex link analysis for large datasets with Maltego Graph. Through Maltego Evidence and Maltego Monitor, the platform enables investigators to collect, monitor, and preserve social media intelligence real-time for prosecution and public safety. Whether cyber threat intelligence teams or law enforcement, Maltego equips your teams with the most essential and relevant data, with out-of-the-box access to common data sources and over 100 ready-made connectors to more. Mine, merge, and map all your essential intelligence in one place, and uncover hidden truths with Maltego!

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