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Cyber Advisory Partners  

Washington DC,  DC 
United States
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  • Ultrastar® Edge-MR
    High-Performance Edge Server Designed for the Tactical Edge...

  • Edge computing gives our warfighters access to innovative and secure solutions at the tactical edge – whether on land, in the air, or at sea. Military overmatch today depends on the ability to prevail on the digital battlefield. It allows processing and computing to happen far beyond the IT enterprise—on the edge device itself and the front lines of every mission.  Western Digital Ultrastar Edge-MR is a militarized and ruggedized high-performance edge server that enables organizations to deploy remote data capture and analytics at the cloud edge. Processing data closer to where it is generated reduces the latency associated with sending data from a remote location to the core for processing. Remote processing reduces the amount of traffic on network backbones, delivers on-site analytics and enables faster decision making.

    The ability to have low-latency processing in remote locations can also enable innovation. Organizations can deliver data center cloud-like services even when a network connection may be insecure, intermittent or non-existent. The server has 40 cores, a GPU, 512GiB of memory and over 60TB of Ultrastar NVMe flash storage, so applications that normally run on IaaS environments can easily be run remotely.

    To simplify physical deployment, molded ridges on the top align with indents in the base to enable easy stacking of units. This helps with the creation of remote compute clusters, especially valuable in the rapid stand-up of regional command and control environments. A built-in Faraday cage helps protect the server from external electromagnetic events and also reduces the likelihood of detection during sensitive operations.