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SIGNAL Innovation Showcase: Deploying Multi-mission Workloads at Scale

  • Room: Hall F, 2800 aisle
Wednesday, April 27, 2022: 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Speaker (confirmed)
Jason Strawderman
Senior Director of Sales Platforms and Federal
Western Digital


As workloads and services move to public cloud infrastructure, we gain efficiencies of scale by centralizing our services. But, a global force, changing network conditions, real-world events, and evolving threats can necessitate the movement of workloads closer to the edge to enable high availability of services.

DISA needs approaches that intelligently move workloads from central cloud locations to edge computing environments on-demand, to enable secure multi-mission workloads and to facilitate the best user experience.

What’s needed is a militarized and ruggedized high-performance edge platform that enables organizations to rapidly deploy remote data capture and analytics at the cloud edge.

Processing data at the tip of the spear reduces the latency associated with sending data from a remote location to the core for processing. Remote processing reduces the amount of traffic on network backbones, delivers on-site analytics, and enables faster decision making. Edge locations can rely on data center cloud-like services even when a network connection may be insecure, intermittent or non-existent. The remote server can enable applications that normally runs on IaaS environments to be run remotely.

Edge solutions need to be capable of stacking to enable the creation of remote compute clusters, and it should be resistant to security threats such as external electromagnetic events and detection during sensitive operations. Of course, the edge server needs to be designed for harsh environments to protect against failures induced by shock and vibration during transit.

This 20-minute session will introduce you to how a vertically integrated manufacturer like Western Digital has approached these challenges to deliver a world-class edge-server to meet the demanding needs of remote deployments.