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Equitus Corporation  

Clearwater,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2219

Born from extensive military experience, Equitus designs, builds, and delivers the very best in cutting-edge big data platforms, designed to be mission-critical to government and commercial organizations. Our ready-made solutions are open-architecture, open-standard, open-scaling, and provide a unique foundation for next-generation AI and beyond. Equitus solutions are the result of a team with extensive experience in the field of special operations and national security.


  • Equitus 4.0
    Equitus is a radically new AI ecosystem for disparate data to interconnect and transform into new and critical insights. Equitus delivers data convergence across all data types and hyperconvergence between each system.

  • Equitus 4.0 is an easy-to-deploy intelligence ecosystem where each intelligence function and mission activity informs the other. Once deployed, users from across the organization can utilize the Equitus platform to perform mission-critical functions, while simultaneously contributing to the organization’s deeper knowledge store, increasing the speed and accuracy of intelligence activities across the command.

    At the heart of Equitus is a rich set of features and functions:

    Equitus for Intelligence An End-to-End Intelligence Eco-System

    An end-to-end solution for big data and multi-source intelligence, including an open-standard information store that acts as an all-time repository for a user's data aggregated from systems in the Equitus line-up or other platforms already in your inventory.

    • Automated data and information aggregation at scale and speed, Equitus uses graph technology to maximize computational efficiency 
    • Automated Correlation: Identifies key connections between individuals, groups, topics, and other variables of interest across INT sources 
    • Timelines: Visualize temporal chart data to identify overlaps and anomalies in event timelines

    Equitus for Open-Source (OSINT) Monitor, Analyze, and Interact in Real-Time

    Open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform that extracts data from millions of sites while using advanced analytics to provide a comprehensive view of the opinions and experiences of populations.

    • Anonymized searching: no digital footprint
    • Monitor hundreds of millions of distinct social sites: discover conversations on previously unknown sites
    • Evolving Topics: machine learning detects topics you didn’t know to search for
    • Trend analysis: track and analyze spikes and dips in topic interest

    Equitus for Knowledge Management Turns Inert Documents into Discoverable Entities

    Transforms massive amounts of unstructured text into highly structured data through the identification of entities and relationships within.

    • Ingest unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data
    • Analyze typed, handwritten, or printed text from more than 1500 different file types
    • Visualization/Geospatial analysis: view your data as a table, map, link chart, timeline, histogram, etc.
    • Metadata extraction: automatically extract relevant data to ensure information reliability
    • Customization: establish custom dictionaries and ontologies to derive intelligence from any situation

    Equitus for Geospatial Intelligence The Common Operating Picture Enabling Geospatial Visualization of Data

    Combines static, dynamic, and OSINT data to generate a live and ongoing common operating picture that connects to any coordinate-linked dataset.

    • Upload specific maps, utilize specific icon sets, and view various overlays like countries or provinces
    • Advanced geospatial tools and analytics
    • Visualize both spatial and temporal data
    • Information stored as OGC-compliant
    • Supports over 200 data formats, including live updates

    Equitus for Imagery and Video Analytics Providing Insights Previously Unnoticed by the Human Eye

    Uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to process streams of live or recorded video footage, extracting metadata and providing insight about the activities that occur in a camera's field of view.

    • Alerts: receive real-time alerts from live-streaming video when objects deviate from known patterns; Fast analytics allow for quick action in urgent situations 
    • Forensic searching: quickly identify events, objects, and people of interest
    • Facial recognition: enroll images of “people of interest” in a watch list and compare them with faces captured by cameras
    • Behavioral analytics: assess video for behavioral and characteristic-based identifiers; utilize tripwires and heat maps to capture/search for objects (e.g. people, vehicles, etc.)
    • Intelligent redaction of exported video, addressing compliance requirements (i.e. protecting the privacy of individuals or organizations).
    • Advanced analysis tools: extend model to recognize new objects/behaviors; full event indexing; develop clustering algorithms; identify unknown faces/objects within and across videos; rank search results based on confidence

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