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Campbell,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1632

Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster utilizing public and private clouds, providing a public cloud experience on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge. With a long-standing record of delivering solutions based on open source with enterprise-grade support, Mirantis offers an as-a-service experience of Kubernetes and OpenStack to provide containerization and virtualization services.


  • Mirantis Container Cloud

    Mirantis Container Cloud gives you one set of APIs and tools to deploy, manage, and observe secure-by-default, certified, batteries-included Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure: public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal.

  • Mirantis Container Cloud enables you to ship code faster by enabling speed with choice, simplicity, and security. Through a single pane of glass you can deploy, manage, and observe Kubernetes clusters on public clouds, private clouds, or bare metal infrastructure. Mirantis Container Cloud provides the ability to leverage multiple on premises (VMware, OpenStack, and bare metal) and public cloud (AWS, Azure, Equinix Metal) infrastructure.


    The list of the most common use cases includes:


    Mirantis Container Cloud enables you to effectively deploy and manage container clusters (Kubernetes and Swarm) across multiple cloud provider platforms, both on premises and in the cloud.


    Hybrid cloud

    Mirantis Container Cloud enables hybrid cloud workload by providing a central point of management and visibility of all your cloud resources.


    Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management

    Mirantis Container Cloud provides a single, centralised point from which you can perform full lifecycle management of your container clusters, including automated updates and upgrades. We also support attaching existing Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters.


    Highly regulated industries

    Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a fine-grained Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism and easy integration and federation to existing identity management systems (IDM).



    Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a multi-layered security approach that includes effective identity management and role based authentication, secure out of the box defaults and extensive security scanning and monitoring during the development process.


    5G and Edge

    Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a full stack, secure, multi-cloud cluster management and Day-2 operations solution that supports both on premises bare metal and cloud.

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