TechNet Cyber Supporting Partner Opportunities (Advertisements and Supporting Partner recognition does not imply federal endorsement.)

Stand Out in the Crowd! If branding, lead generation and market visibility are important to your organization, the supporting partner opportunities available at TechNet Cyber 2021 are exactly what you need. This event attracts over 4,000 cyber security professionals, who want to see the leading industry solutions, and take part in networking and business building opportunities.

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Branding Opportunities Deadline: October 1st
Patron Package and Individual Opportunities Deadline: October 15th

Meet the Seniors, Program and Portfolio Managers

Wednesday, 27 October
1:15pm – 2:15pm
Location: Hall G

Join DISA and JFHQ-DODIN senior leaders and program and portfolio managers for an informal outreach session in the exhibit hall on the opening day of TechNet Cyber. This is your chance to begin conversations and connect with these leaders and subject matter experts. Open to all registered attendees, no prior appointment necessary.

Scheduled participants as of October 22, 2021*

Program Participant
Operations Center Llewellyn (Don) Means, Jr.
Operations Center/Logistics and Contracts Division Jean Richards, CDFM
Infrastructure Directorate Christopher Paczkowski
Cyberspace Operations Directorate Joseph Wassel
Cyberspace Operations Directorate Carlotta Miller
Hosting Computing Center Sharon Woods
Enterprise Engineering & Governance Directorate R. Shah
Enterprise Engineering & Governance Directorate Joe Edwards
Modeling & Simulation Analysis Division Robert (Bob) Lynch
Cloud Computing Program Office Sharon Woods
Digital Capabilities and Security Center Jason Martin
Cyber Security and Analytics Directorate Brian Hermann, Ph.D.
Perimeter Security Portfolio Angela Landress, Ph.D.
Security Enablers Portfolio Joseph Brinker
Enterprise Collaboration Services Development Neil Mazuranic
Command and Control Portfolio Christopher Lassiter
Joint Enterprise Services Caroline Bean
Emerging Technology Directorate Steve Wallace
Defense Spectrum Organization Christopher S.E. Argo
Global Electromagnetic Spectrum Information System (GEMSIS) and Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) Alan Rosner
Procurement Services Executive Douglas Packard
Enterprise Integration and Innovation Center Roger Greenwell
Risk Management Executive Jackie Snouffer
Workforce Services Directorate Jennifer Augustine
Joint Service Provider RADM Brian Hurley, USN
Joint Service Provider Sajeel Ahmed
Enterprise Services Center (JP3) Edwin Edmonds
Enterprise Services Center (JP3) Christian Pinover
Cyberspace Operations Richard Beauchamp
Cyberspace Operations Larry Klooster
Services Executive Rory Kinney
Infrastructure Executive Charles Osborn
NBIS Terry Carpenter
JITC CAPT Shawn Roberts, USN
Joint Support Group COL Martinezacosta, USA

*Availability subject to change based on individual schedules and/or mission priorities.