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Branding Opportunities Deadline: October 1st
Patron Package and Individual Opportunities Deadline: October 15th

Thought Leadership - Learn from Key Industry Leaders

Ciena - Booth #1722

Network as a Sensor

The safety and security of our critical infrastructure has never been more important than it is today. Adversaries have advanced capabilities and are constantly targeting these systems; consequently, investments in cyber security are expected to top $17 billion in 2021. Still, continued investments in new solutions will not realize their full potential unless foundational capabilities are in place.

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Forescout - Booth #2707

Government security, privacy and compliance start at the endpoint

ForeScout Technologies helps government IT professionals protect confidential data, demonstrate compliance with regulations and provide secure network access for a wide range of devices and user populations in a cost-effective, efficient and non-disruptive manner.

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NetScout - Booth #2328

NETSCOUT nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE to Support Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control Multi Domain Operations Efforts

Today, the military has multiple systems for transmitting data directly from one computer to another – machine to machine – over radio and landline, but each focuses on a specific function, like navigation, logistics, or artillery planning - and they don’t connect with other systems in the same service, let alone with those of other services. This challenge is a decades old problem.

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Leidos - Booth #1733

A cyber threat lingua franca

“Removing Barriers to Sharing Threat Information” ranks as one of the top initiatives in the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. The administration issued the order in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and other recent high profile breaches, but sharing information has been a persistent and systemic challenge across government, and officials consistently voice their frustration with information sharing.

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Leidos - Booth #1733

Edge to Cloud is the secure link between front lines and the cloud

Imagine if our men and women in law enforcement, in the field of battle, or working on the ground in critical energy infrastructure spaces could access the computing power of the cloud at their fingertips. Edge to Cloud (E2C) technology makes this possible by creating a shared digital ecosystem between mission space devices (the edge) and cloud service providers, so that warfighters and other operators can share data and have analysis performed in real-time, at the actual edge location where the data is collected.

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Oracle - Sponsor

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Department of Defense

Built to meet the mission-critical needs for the United States Federal, Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense (DoD), Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud delivers unmatched security, performance, and scale with a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure, platform, and application cloud services. With FedRAMP High and DISA authorizations up to the IL5 level, Oracle is continuing to invest heavily to bring cloud computing to all public sector agencies and shortly launching regions to support Secret and Top Secret workloads.

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Peraton - Booth #1912

Creating a Framework for Cyber Reconnaissance

The vast amounts of cyber information—data about devices, networks and the people who own and operate them—present processing and analysis challenges for federal agencies tasked with addressing national intelligence issues or critical infrastructure cyber defense. Data overload and the bias introduced at all levels of cyber collection by specific tools, the availability of information, perceived intent, threat attribution and overconfidence of analyses, make it difficult for agencies to quantify a true understanding of their cyber information at any given time.

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Verizon - Sponsor

Anatomy of a 5G Smart Base

The Defense Department’s 5G testbeds aren’t just proving the value of the infrastructure technology. The nearly dozen pilots are showing non-technical people what the future looks like. Whether it’s families relying on 5G infrastructure to communicate with loved ones or perform their jobs or schooling remotely, or to run warehouses and maintenance systems, it’s clear the military services and defense agencies are on the cusp of creating the smart base of the future.

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