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Menlo Security

Palo Alto,  CA 
United States

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyberattack by eliminating the threat of malware from web, email, and documents. Menlo Security's cloud-based Isolation Platform scales to deliver comprehensive protection across any size enterprises without requiring endpoint software or impacting user experience. Menlo Security is trusted by major global and Fortune 500 businesses.

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  • Menlo Security
    Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber attacks by eliminating web and email-based malware and phishing threats with our Isolation Core™. Menlo Security has helped hundreds of Global 2000 companies protect their workforce....

  • Traditional security solutions are reactive. First detect the threat. Then deal with it. But today’s threats are too sophisticated, too dynamic, too fast to get caught. Networks are often infected before alarm bells go off.

    Menlo eliminates all web and email security risks through isolation—providing the first truly 100 percent safe browsing experience. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform works by moving the fetch and execute functions of web browsing away from your network to our cloud-based platform. Only sanitized, nonexecutable content is rendered safely in users’ devices—providing a safe yet seamless experience that is no different than before. Suspicious web forms—a common target for hackers—can be rendered in read-only mode, preventing anyone from entering their credentials by accident or on purpose.