Media Registration

TechNet Asia-Pacific
November 13-15, 2018
Honolulu, Hawaii

Media representatives assigned to cover the event are invited to attend the exposition, theater sessions, tracks, panel sessions and keynote addresses at no charge.

Preregistration is strongly advised. To preregister for the event as media, email Kaitlyn Cotter at by November 1st. All media who do not preregister by November 1st must register at the conference.

Provide your name, title, publication, phone number, email address and a link to recently published article and/or blog. Only established bloggers are allowed to attend as media. Freelance journalists and photographers must provide proof of the specific publication from which they have been contracted for the event coverage assignment.

Media may register on-site but may be required to provide THREE of the following:

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • A business card indicating role as either an employee of a publication or a contracted journalist
  • A letter from publication’s editor indicating position and/or assignment
  • An email from a publication that includes a description of the assignment and the editor’s name and contact information
  • A bylined article published within the past six months in a recognized media outlet covering the sector
  • A sample of a published blog post from within the past six months that appeared in a recognized blog covering the sector
  • A sample of a non-commercially published photograph, with citation
  • A contract (with financial information redacted if desired) between your organization and a bona fide news-publishing organization.
  • If conducting research for an assigned story, an explanatory letter from the publication's assignment editor that includes the editor’s name and contact information.

All photographers and videographers must be registered and have permission from a conference staff member before entering any event. A staff member may escort photographers and videographers within the facility.

All panel sessions and addresses may be recorded unless otherwise indicated, as long as the proceedings are not disturbed and attendee experience is not infringed upon.

Speakers/panelists use the time subsequent to their presentations to converse with attendees. Media are asked to be respectful of their limited time and allow audience members to talk with speakers/panelists prior to asking questions. Interviews may be conducted subsequent to the sessions at the discretion of the speakers, panelists or their staff.

Soliciting or accepting orders for any product or service, including advertising space, in the exhibit hall or any other part of the conference area is prohibited. Distribution of your organization's publications or other promotional material also is prohibited.

AFCEA reserves the right to refuse or revoke access to the conference at any time.

If you have any questions or need assistance prior the event, please contact Kaitlyn Cotter at (703) 631-6106 or

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