Kalia Exhibitor Demo/Meeting Rooms

Investment Options and Pricing

One Demo/Meeting Room

  • Sponsor Pricing - $6,000
  • Corporate Member Pricing - $7,500
  • Non-Member Pricing - $8,750

Two Connected Demo/Meeting Rooms

  • Sponsor Pricing - $11,000
  • Corporate Member Pricing- $14,000
  • Non-Member Pricing- $16,500

Connected Demo Meeting/Room and Sleeping Room
Create your own headquarters suite for the week with one demo/meeting room and a connected sleeping room. The sleeping room charge is the prevailing rate for the nights utilized.

Reserve Your Kalia Room Today

Exhibitor Demo/Meeting Rooms in the Kalia Tower

These private rooms, located just two floors above the conference floor, are available for your company to meet and network in privacy and comfort by reserving a guest room to convert into meeting space. You can use this space to accommodate a variety of activities, from office use to business meetings to social events. 

Exhibitor Demo/Meeting Rooms are available for use 24/7!

  • Monday, October 30th,  3:00pm  – Exhibitor takes possession and can start utilizing right away.
  • Wednesday, November  1st  5:00pm-8:00pm – This is the only blackout period when AFCEA asks that no company events are promoted and hosted, during the Pau Hana Reception.
  • Friday, November 3rd  11:00am – Exhibitor releases possession of the demo/meeting room.

Exhibitor Demo/Meeting Rooms include:

  • Meeting Set-Up (1 Meeting Table, 12 Chairs Maximum) or Office Set-Up (Maximum of 3 Rectangle 6’x30” Tables)
  • One sign outside of room with company name/logo and room number
  • Company listing in event mobile app and online exhibitor list
  • Removal of furniture (bed, night stands, chair, ottoman) 
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Food & beverage Service (minimum order of 15)

Please note that these meeting rooms are not on the main conference level and attendee walk-by traffic should not be expected. Companies utilizing these rooms should promote and pre-set meetings, demonstrations, social activities, etc.