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Robert Perkins

Senior 5G Technology Advisor


Having both commercial and Department of Defense experience, building wireless technology within multi-partnered ecosystems, and deploying various wireless communication systems, is my passion. As a prior Operations Officer (USS NIMTIZ CVN-68) I have had the opportunity to serve in advisory roles that provide, intelligence, and technology expertise, to 5G, SATCOM, MEC, IoT, ZTA, carrier solutions, C4ISR, and C5ISR technologies. As technology continues to evolve, so do I, while collaborating on 5G, 3GPP standards, 6G World, NextG, FutureG technologies, and JADC2 initiatives.

Current Role: Senior Advisor, 5G Technologies & Innovation (VECTRUS)
Focused on 5G/SATCOM convergence and modernization, JADC2, solutions & strategy, business development & technology partners. Providing executive leadership on 5G/MEC technologies, while developing strategic roadmaps, and NEXTG solutions for JADC2. Accomplishments Include:
· Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force operationalization of 5G/SATCOM and C5ISR strategies for all domains; including persistent ISR, Spectrum Management, 5G; automation Command, Control, Battle Management (C2/SA) applications, On-The-Move (OTM) & At-The-Halt (ATH) resilient secure cloud/on-premise communications

Additional Leadership Opportunities
L3Harris: Managed the integration of next generation 5G prototypes & testbeds to support Department of Defense (DoD), Department of State (DoS), etc. Provided leadership on 5G solutions for maritime sector. Accomplishments include:
· 5G architecture to integrate w/wideband anti-jam modem (WAMS) for aircraft (F-35/F-22/C-130)
· Architect real-time integrated 5G application services that provide enhanced network access and connectivity for Ship to Shore, Ship to Ship, and 5G Pier Side connectivity, for the Navy and Marines
· UAV prototype, for a secure, self-healing, 5G High Power User Equipment (HPUE-Power Class1 device to device (D2D) MBRI MANET network for beyond line of site emergency services and UAV connectivity while maintaining network access, precise positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), with and without a 5G backhaul source

General Dynamics: Provided technical leadership for secure on-the-move classified wireless networks over SATCOM. Lead deployable teams at WIN-T testing ranges Accomplishments include:
· Developed virtualized test bed environment for the optimization and validation of WIN-T architecture
· Spearheaded joint tactical testing for deployable secure mobile wireless SATCOM (using the Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) for ground-based network at Fort Hood
Booz Allen
Research & development of policy-based network management (PBNM) for next generation SATCOM network management system that governs SATCOM communications between satellites, and ground-based communication networks. Worked with included NASA, NSA, JPL, Accomplishments include:
· Developed mission planning & resource management for mission policy, SATCOM Service Pool, Service Level Agreement to access future bandwidth and application

Additional CONUS/OCONUS Wireless Tactical Deployments/Testing Sites:
Edwards AFB Nellis AFB Davis Monthan AFB
Eglin AFB Fort Hood Fort Leonard Wood
Saudi Arabia Iraq Afghanistan
• Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Program (Skunk Works)
• Naval Reactor Facility (Idaho with Bechtel), Camp David
• Fort Huachuca Electronic Proving Ground (EPG)
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
• White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)


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