Jack L. Burbank

Senior Wireless Network Engineer
Sabre Systems


Jack Burbank earned his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University in 1994 and 1998 respectively. Mr. Burbank currently is a senior wireless network engineer at Sabre Systems where he helps design, develop, and evaluate next-generation wireless capabilities for the tactical Army community. Mr. Burbank is an expert in the areas of wireless networking, modeling and simulation, wireless system development, and wireless network security. Mr. Burbank has published over 50 technical papers on topics of wireless networking (both terrestrial-based and space-based), and contributed to multiple books related to wireless networking. Mr. Burbank has authored books on the subjects of Wireless Networking and Modeling and Simulation. Mr. Burbank is active within the IEEE acting as technical reviewer, organizer, and chair for numerous IEEE conferences and periodicals. Mr. Burbank is editor of the Wiley-IEEE Press book series on IEEE standards. Mr. Burbank is an Associate Technical Editor of the IEEE Communications Magazine. Mr. Burbank teaches courses on networking and wireless networking within The Johns Hopkins University Engineering for Professionals Program, and is a senior member of the IEEE and ASEE.


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