Julia Deng, Ph.D.

Senior Director
Intelligent Automation Inc.


Dr. Julia Deng currently is a Principal Scientist and Sr. Director of Network and Security group at IAI. Her primary research interests include cyber security, wireless ad hoc/sensor/cognitive radio networks, cloud computing, trust computing, information assurance, and machine learning. At IAI, she serves as a PI and leads numerous projects in closed related areas. Some example projects include Trusted Computing for Embedded Systems, Denial of Service (DoS) mitigation for tactical networks, Hidden Node Discovery in Cognitive Radio Networks, Secure Routing in airborne networks, Intrusion detection for MANETs, Security Enhanced Network Management for Tactical Networks. Dr. Deng received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati in 2004, majoring in network and system security. She has published more than thirty papers in leading journals and conference proceedings.


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