Gigel C. Marinescu

Chief, Satellite Communications, Cyberspace Operations and Warfighter Communications Directorate
US Air Force


Mr. Gigel Marinescu is currently the Chief, Satellite Communications, USAF. He serves as the principal advisor and lead expert for satellite communications under Cyberspace Operations and Warfighter Communications Directorate, (A2/6C / A3C), US Air Force.
Mr. Marinescu draws upon his 20+ years’ experience in DoD SATCOM and industry to:
• Ensure interoperability and compatibility of warfighting capabilities across missions and platforms
• Provide support in developing policy, guidance, and resource advocacy for warfighters’ SATCOM
• Reinforce USAF initiatives aimed at globally assured resilient SATCOM and that communications technologies are effectively and efficiently aligned in support of warfighter readiness
• Bridge the divide across the DoD and Commercial SATCOM technical communities


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