John Stine, Ph.D.

Department Head
The MITRE Corporation


John is the Head of MITRE’s Operations Research Department. Prior to joining MITRE, John served 20 years as an engineer and OR analyst in the U.S. Army. In his nearly 20 years at MITRE, he led internally funded research in mobile ad hoc networking, dynamic spectrum access, and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), consulted with the DoD on spectrum management and Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM), supported Army analysis agencies in analysis of tactical networks, and designed the link layer and networking portions of the Future Narrowband Waveform. He is the inventor of model-based spectrum management and spectrum consumption modeling and the editor of the recently published IEEE 1900.5.2 Standard Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption. John has authored over 30 peer reviewed papers and has patents in wireless networking and spectrum management.

Education: BS General Engineering, USMA, MS Electrical Engineering, MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and PhD Electrical Engineering from U. Texas at Austin


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