Hemma Prafullchandra

Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft 365 Security+ Compliance


Hemma Prafullchandra is Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft M365 Security and Compliance. She helps inform security and compliance vision and product plans, and works closely with customers, partners, analysts and industry bodies to deeply understand their needs and build mindshare of Microsoft’s cybersecurity strategy and solutions.

Hemma has authored numerous patents, managed intellectual property programs, and frequently speaks on cybersecurity challenges and technologies. She has over 30 years of experience and has held technical and management positions at startups and large technology companies, such as HyTrust, VeriSign, Critical Path and Sun Microsystems.

Hemma is a member of the NIST VCAT and the ForgePoint Capital Advisory Council. She helps develop best practices and reference implementation with industry bodies and partners, such as NIST/NCCoE, PCI SSC, and CSA; and influences public policies and regulations.

She is an active mentor, coach and advocate for diversity, inclusion and leadership roles for women in computer science.


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