John Kirk

Chief, Wideband Plans
United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command


Over the past nineteen years, Mr. Kirk has been involved in every aspect of US DOD satellite communications. He is currently the chief of the wideband plans for the wideband Consolidated SATCOM Systems Expert at the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command, responsible for future wideband satellite communications for the Department of Defense. He has spent 19 years between Army, industry, and government civilian roles in satellite communications payload and transmissions operations, design, systems engineering, testing, requirements, analysis, and policy. He led the performance effectiveness analysis working group for the Department of Defense’s wideband communications services analysis of alternatives, and sponsored, led, or been a core member of many Capabilities Based assessments, Joint Capabilities Technologies Demonstrations, program development and fielding, and the operationalization of these across the joint force.


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