James Gable

Bra-Ket Science


With 30 years of technology experience in Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia, Jim has worked with many talented teams to deliver innovative and sometimes industry changing products. Most recently he served as Executive Director of the Compass group inside Comcast Corporation. Compass developed and maintained the big data systems for entertainment data and discovery, powering millions of devices and services such as the Xfinity X1 TV platform. Jim’s background includes time with companies developing internet connected devices such as a Hillcrest Labs’ breakthrough pointer remote for TVs; support of the Amazon team that built the original Kindle; Vice-President at 3Com Corporation following 3Com’s acquisition of Kerbango, a critically acclaimed Internet radio company he co-founded; Vice President of Software Product Marketing for Apple Computer where he worked for 12 years. As an innovator, Jim has enjoyed a long career introducing leading edge consumer electronics. The Personalization service in X1 won a 2015 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award. The Kerbango radio won Best of Show at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show and appeared in many newspapers and magazines including USA Today, Newsweek and Rolling Stone. At Apple, he was instrumental in shipping several of Apple's most successful products such as Mac OS 8, the original Power Macintosh, TrueType fonts and the LaserWriter II.

Jim also served as a trustee for the Belle Grove Plantation, a historical landmark in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Jim holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering and a bachelor's degree in History from Stanford University. He holds a master's degree in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.


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