LTC Tyrone Lewis, USA, Ph.D.

Lead, Network Systems Engineer for AFC AI Task Force
U.S. Army Futures Command


LTC Ty Lewis was commissioned in 2002 as an Ordnance Officer and held roles of Platoon Leader, Shop Officer (Direct Support of M1A1/A2, BFV, MLRS and Paladin) and Battalion S4 prior to becoming a network systems engineer (26A) in 2007. He served as the junior network engineer for 3rd Infantry Division during the ‘Surge’ and engineered a host of training operational networks to include the 1st Signal Training Network at Ft. Gordon in 2009. As, the Technical Branch Chief and Lead Engineer for the DOD’s designated Cyber Training Ranges, enabled the objectives of the Joint and Persistent Cyber Training Environments (2018) while assigned to ARCYBER’s Technical Warfare Center. He currently serves as the Lead, Network Systems Engineer for AFC AI Task Force where he proactively supports the AI-TF Director’s vision to rapidly integrate and synchronize AI activities across the Army enterprise and DOD’s National Military initiatives that advance the Army’s modernization priorities, integrates the cross-functional teams and enables innovative development of AI/ML-based solutions. His contributions aim to assist in shaping the Army’s network infrastructure policy and governance framework to enable dynamic, yet consistent mission support at the place and time of operational need. He has a PhD in Computer Science (AFIT 2017).


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