Alexander Afanasyev, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information Sciences
Florida International University


Alex Afanasyev is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University. He received his B.S. (2005) and M.S. (2007) degrees in Computer Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia, and M.S. (2012) and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from UCLA. His research focus is on the next-generation Internet Architecture as part of the Named Data Networking (NDN) project. For over 8 years, he has done research in multiple fields vital for the success of NDN, including the application of NDN to Internet-of-Things, addressing challenges of next generation wireless networks, exploration of the data-centric security models, scalability of name-based routing, auto-configuration, distributed data synchronization, and prototype applications. He is also leading development effort of the overall NDN codebase, including widely used in the community NDN software forwarder (NFD), supporting libraries, and the ndnSIM simulation platform.


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