MAJ Ryan Kenny, USA

PhD Student, Carnegie Mellon University
School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), U.S. Army


Over the past fifteen years, MAJ Kenny has served as an information technology leader in the Department of Defense. His areas of responsibility have overlapped those shared by many civilian CIOs, CSOs, and CTOs. He has been fortunate to lead the integration, operation, and maintenance of communication technologies ranging from mobile devices and tactical radios to satellite hubs and data centers- both in garrison and deployed. In 2016, as a Director Fellow in the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group he studied human machine teaming and has subsequently written on the topic extensively. As a CSA sponsored Goodpaster Scholar in the Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program – he is pursuing his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University within the Engineering and Public Policy Program where he is researching the application of artificial intelligence in competitive decision-making.


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